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Structural Engineering


Structural engineering is the practice of analyzing the stability and strength of a building or structure.  Structural engineers have the expertise to assess such integrity using mathematical calculations. Subject to applying this practice includes both internal factors such as beams, joists, and load-bearing walls, as well as external factors such as wind, gravity, temperature, and pressure. Complementary to this analysis, is the responsibility of the structural engineer to create drawings showing how all of these elements are factored in and in compliance with federal and state codes and regulations. 


Structural engineers also manage and review the work of other on-site engineers, write, manage, and submit reports, evaluations, and other construction and technical documentation, participate in site visits, and manage costs.


Testa Engineering Associates LLC is a structural engineering firm, based in the Metro West area of Boston, servicing all areas from Worcester to Boston, Provincetown and Martha’s Vineyard, to Gloucester and southern New Hampshire. Our focus is on residential structural engineering needs, with some projects in the commercial and retail space.


Architectural Drawings

Incidental to our structural engineering focus, we provide architectural drawings for both residential and commercial properties, as these become necessary to the structural plan.

We are skilled at understanding the variety of complexities of practical architectural design and we have the expertise to merge our comprehensive knowledge of structural engineering. It is this aptitude that reduces potential structural and architectural design conflicts throughout the project.

Structural Drafting


Structural drafting is a plan for how the residential home or commercial structure should be built. Using AutoCAD®, when drafting for either a new structure or for an existing building, we analyze the complete support system, including the foundation, beams, joists, columns, and load-bearing walls. Consideration for the best materials to be used for a particular job, the practicality and safety of these materials, as well as the cost factor, are concerns we factor in when drafting a plan.


Site Visits


A large part of our service at Testa Engineering Associates LLC includes regular and repeated site visits, whether the project is new or a renovation. Site visits are subject to inspection, at each necessary phase of the project, reviewing that all structural recommendations are followed, architectural building and design is adhered to, and that all safety codes are consistently applied. When compliance documentation must be recorded, we produce these and sign off. We initiate and follow up with all permitting and rezoning requirements.

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