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Project Proposal

Testa Engineering Associates LLC is routinely called on to write project proposals. We are known for our thorough and qualitative analysis and capturing all of the necessary project requirements and recommended techniques, as well as materials, costs, and project timeline. A proposal also details our involvement in regular status meetings, all reporting that impacts changing costs, reviewing documents submitted by contractors, and managing all permitting and zoning matters.

For proposals on an existing home or commercial building, we check the integrity of the entire structure. We identify and evaluate the concerns we notice, the likely causes of disrepair, and articulate the recommended solutions and costs.

For proposals on new structures, more analysis is involved.

A new residential property will need a proposal to include everything from the foundation to the roof, load-bearing walls, joists and beams, doors, windows, and garage, the placement and safety of a fireplace, internal room entrances, closets, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC considerations, as well as zoning analysis. 

For a new commercial property, we ascertain what the required specific environmental or sustainable strategies are, as well as all of the other building requirements, including the foundation and roof, electric and wire cables, plumbing and draining, HVAC, interior and exterior lights, surveillance camera placement, alarm systems, entrances and exits including fire exits, interior and exterior doors, elevators or escalators, parking lots or underground parking. 

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